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101 Kettlebell Workouts

📚 101 Kettlebell Workouts
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So often the question comes up “I got a kettlebell, now what the heck do I do with
it??” After designing programs and workouts for hundreds of clients, it was
brought to my attention more that once that some people just want to be able to
flip open a book, close their eyes and put their finger on a page and find a
So I set a simple goal: Write a short book that had 101 workouts with no fluff, no
filler and no BS. This book is the result of that.
I have compiled workouts from my clients, my classes and myself and have also
included workouts inspired by (a polite way to say stolen from) my colleagues.
The most amazing thing to me is the amount of things I had to leave out to get
down to 101.
I will assume you already know the names of the most common kettlebell drills
and that your technique is up to par. If not, seek help from an RKC.