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Download Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports

Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports

๐Ÿ“š Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports
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Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports examines the topic of nutrition for what are referred to as mixed sports. This includes almost all team sports along with many individual sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts and some track and field events.

Basically any sport that has requirements for both endurance and strength/power is considered a mixed sport. Because of the often odd nature of performance requirements, optimizing nutrition for these sports often presents problems that arenโ€™t seen in either the pure strength/power or pure endurance sports.

The book, as well as the accompanying 2 DVD set, approaches the problem in an applied fashion building up the topic of nutrition from the ground up to present a comprehensive examination of how mixed sports athletes can optimize their nutrition.

This product started life as a seminar I did in Vancouver at Simon Fraser University in 2009 for their football and soccer teams on applied sports nutrition. But rather than just slap the DVD together with the handouts and slides, I decided to write a complete stand alone book (derived primarily from the handouts). Of course, the original DVD seminar is included along with the Powerpoint slides and the full package includes everything shown below.

Please note: The DVDs have no regional encoding and should play on any DVD player or computer with DVD capabilities.

Book Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Some Unapplied Theory
Chapter 2: General and Performance Nutrition
Chapter 3: Energy Intake
Chapter 4: Dietary Protein
Chapter 5: Dietary Fat
Chapter 6: Dietary Carbohydrates
Chapter 7: Vitamins and Minerals
Chapter 8: Meal Planning
Chapter 9: Around Workout/Competition Nutrition
Chapter 10: Hydration and Cramping
Chapter 11: Supplements
Chapter 12: Changing Body Composition
Chapter 13: Putting it All Together
Chapter 14: The End.

DVD Table of Contents:
Disk 1
Module 1: Introduction + A Little Unapplied Theory (12:41)
Module 2: General and Performance Nutrition (35:32)
Module 3: Meal Planning (14:19)
Module 4: Around Workout Nutrition (32:13)

Disk 2
Module 5: Hydration and Cramping (15:43)
Module 6: Supplements (39:23)
Module 7: Changing Body Composition (18:22)
Module 8: Putting it All Together (11:03)