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Astrology and Sexual Analysis

📚 Astrology and Sexual Analysis
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This is the Age of Aquarius.”

In New York and the other world capitals where this play is on the boards. there have been no outcries from the professional reformers nor any protests by the ministry nor any arrests of the producers or performers.

Why, when Mae West served a thirty day sentence for using one expression found to be obscene in her play, Sex, only a generation ago? At about the same time, the licenses of all burlesque theatres were revoked in New York City.

Why is Hair running with no interference? The answer is self-contained in the title of the hit song; this is the Age of Aquarius.

With the ending of World War II, the Aquarian Age began; it is the new cycle of the brotherhood of man and of enlightenment. What characteristics has it manifested thus far? Leading off with the A’s, astrology has become a

Here you have the title of a song from Hair, a play with music which has been a long-running, record-breaking hit. In the production, the entire cast makes an appearance in the nude.