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Blueprint Decoded Notes 2

Blueprint Decoded Notes 2

📚 Blueprint Decoded Notes 2
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  •   Tyler’s personal history. Inconsistencies in nights out; whether they are good or bad.
  •   When you are outcome attached, it will kill your game.
  •   Successful with women shouldn’t be something you do but something you are – being not doing.
  •   Tyler wrote ‘The Blueprint’ in 4 years so he could carry himself as a man and not have to think about this stuff again. The

    more you re-watch the ‘Blueprint Decoded’ program after time has passed and you’ve had experiences, the more sense it

    will make to you.

  •   The community started 15 years ago and it has gradually moved forward. Originally it was about “We’re men and we’re

    pissed off”.

  •   Don’t put women on pedestals. It’s all in your head. In reality, men and women are on the same level.
  •   The origin of Tyler’s name.
  •   More history of the industry. The industry gained popularity in 2004. This made Tyler feel more incongruent because

    people would know all his lines. Tyler made himself and all his staff become naturals with women. Talks about his first approach without using any pickup lines. He had autopilot responses in his mind about what lines to use. Tactics were like a shell over his old self and nothing internal had changed while he used them. He stuck at it and came up with new principles.

  •   ‘The Blueprint’ is about becoming the sex-worthy guy. It is common for you to appear to be having incredible success with women to your friends (like making a girl laugh), but not really getting the real success you want.
  •   Becoming successful with women gives you choice with women.
  •   Being not doing. This still involves going out and meeting women. If you go out, most of your sticking points will auto-


  •   Tyler has been rehearsing this program for one year. The program eventually became fairly condensed. It starts with

    principles then builds on itself.

  •   Most people in the world walk through life in a walking daze. They don’t have a concept of their own values and what they

    want out of life.