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Download Cliff's List Interviews With Dating Experts

Cliff’s List Interviews With Dating Experts

📚 Cliff’s List Interviews With Dating Experts
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Since time began, men all over the world have been dedicated to learning how to get more and more women into bed with them. Back in the stone ages, it was easy. All you had to do was club them over the head and drag them back to your cave. Nowadays, things are a bit less simplistic. Sometimes, men need to be able to trade information on how to get women to sleep with them, sans club and cave.

One of the best resources for this topic for many years has been an email newsletter known as Cliff’s List.

Cliff’s Private List is a free e-mail relating to seduction, published by Clifford, who started the list in the mid 1990’s. Clifford always encourages his subscribers to send in their comments, thoughts, and musings on dating and seduction, which helps to keep his newsletter alive with healthy discussion and an exchange of ideas.

Since then, many Dating Gurus have joined in on the discussion on Clifford’s private list, raising its status from a mere newsletter to a high-profile information resource on dating tips and seduction techniques, with experienced ladies men sharing their ideas, strategies, and even debating each other on the validity of each other’s methods.

But Cliff doesn’t merely rely on content from his subscribers alone. Cliff has always been very diligent in tracking down people he personally finds interesting and gets them to share an amazing amount of information, for absolutely no money at all! The fact that many of these commercial guys are willing to share so much with Cliff is a testament to the respect professional ladies men hold for Clifford and his newsletter.

This eBook is a collection of some of the best interviews Cliff has conducted for his newsletter, and is meant to be a resource for everyone interested in the amazing information Cliff gets his interview subjects to share. It should be noted that Cliff offers these interviews for free in the archives on his website, but they have been compiled and formatted here for convenience and reference sake.