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The Elusive Obvious and the Critical Counter-Intuitive

  • What we were about to talk about is “obvious” – obvious, that is, if you know to look for it
  • It’s been happening right in front of you all your life, but you’ve just never noticed it
  • When you believe things are one way, your mind can prevent you from seeing anything other than what you believe
  • Once you master the materials we’re going to cover, you will be able to perform magic right out on the open, for all to see… and they’ll never know what you’re doing… and even explaining it won’t help them to see it… because they won’t believe it
  • The Critical Counter-Intuitive is a name I’ve given to the concept of key situations where “going against the herd” is both unusually important and exactly opposite of what most people would do “naturally”
  • Stock investing – amateur mistakes, short-term spending vs. long-term investing, eating little vs. eating a lot, etc.