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What did you think college was going to be like?

A big party like on Animal House? Stuck in a dorm room playing games like the three nerds on the Simpsons?

Or a sex romp? That’s what its supposed to be, right?

Yeah, right…

Personally, I was petrified of the whole thing and it took me a long time to figure out. I was pretty dorky coming out of high school, and while I’d been the leader of my group of friends, they were all pretty dorky too. So welcome week of college comes along, and I’m feeling a little left out. Frat parties come along and I’m not being invited. And boys are shacking up with girls, and I’m, well… I’m hanging out with my friends online playing Halo.

Arrgh. My Dentist had told me that I was going to get a lot of pussy in college. I’d seen movies where guys got a lot of pussy in college. That’s what college is really about, I thought – getting pussy. I mean sure there are classes and grades and, what’s the word… matriculation(?)… but come on, really, its all about getting pussy.

Well, I’m a pretty introspective guy, and not too long into my freshman year, I decided that I would find some guys who would help me navigate the whole scene. I didn’t want to let these four years pass me by without having my turn in the fun. So I turned to the one place I knew how to use really well, the Internet.