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Download Defying Gravity: How to Win at Weightlifting

Defying Gravity: How to Win at Weightlifting

📚 Defying Gravity: How to Win at Weightlifting
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I remember picking up my copy of The Strongest Shall Survive, reading it in
one sitting, and having the sinking feeling that I had just read the book that I
should have written. Instead of going ahead and writing my own book, a definitive
one, a book of interest to everyone who has ever stepped upon the competitive
platform, I now find myself writing the introduction to that very book. Alas, Bill
Starr has beaten me to the punch . . . again.
Bill and I go back many, many years. Some of them are best forgotten,
others to be remembered fondly. Through both hard times and sweet dreams, Bill
has remained the ultimate authority on the weight sports in the United States.
Perhaps his words would seem more authoritative if he had been named national
coach, I don’t know. I do know that his words always have, and continue to speak
the truth to the guy in the trenches, the dude that heads for the gym three, four,
or five times each week to tug on the iron.
Bill doesn’t flaunt fancy-assed pedigrees or hold to any political affiliations.
He hasn’t asked any official body to fund him or his ideas. He goes his own way,
does his own thing, and provides all of us with the words of wisdom that puts
pounds on our totals. That, my friend, is the bottom line in the game of strength.
Although Defying Gravity takes a different look at the barbell, in comparison
to The Strongest Shall Survive, it is no less complete. All aspects of competitive
preparation are dealt with thoroughly.