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I’m going to present his material in ordinary English. I won’t bore you with long-winded scientific or rechnical speak, wirh mcdic;kl jargon or with anything similar. I’m just going to tell you, in plain and simple terms, what you \hould eat and whi11you should not e:rt.

But make no mistake about it. The information contained in this cnurse is among the most irnportilnt information you’ve ever read. It can literally change your life. 11 can transform you. It is ahsolute!y imperative that you READ, GRASP and APPLY [his informition.

Whatyoucatdirectlycontrolstheresultsthatyouwillobtainfromyourtraining. Youcantrain daily, applying yourself as hard as possible in your workouts. hut if you fail to follow the proper diet you will achieve far less in the way of results than you wc~uldhavc achieved had you combined correct training with a correct diet.

It’s just that simple, and there’s no two ways ahout it.

Thankfully, proper nutrition for strength training and musclc building is NOT rocket sciencc. Nor does it require that you eat bland. boring meals, that you go hungry all the timc, that you starve yourself, that you live on brown rice and bakcd chicken breasts, that you eat nothing hut protein, that tuna lish hecomes your constant companion (if not your hest friend), that you swap your steak for tofu, or that you load up on esoteric oddities with unpronnvnceahle names, I’m
not going to ask you to live on carrots, kcfir and been sprouts