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It’s been a lot of time, even more effort and a real journey to discover all the things you are about to learn.
Lets cut to the chase here; you want to get laid more right? Of course, or else you wouldn’t be here reading this.

I keep this guide short and to the point.
I do not believe you want a lot to read, but rather want quality information to get you results. I deliver this here, rather than 350 pages of fluff to sell books off a shelf.
It is better to have 5 techniques you can fight with, than 500 that fight you.
SO lets get started and wrap this up in to a system that works well and is easy to remember.
Forget about that “reality” dating show you always watch, yeah that one with all the cameras that’ll be seen by a half million people. Forget about what “she told him” on that TV show, you know, the one about women living in some fantasy world written about sex. Forget about that talk show dating guru’s words of “wisdom”.
Further even, forget about the way that girl blew you off in high school. Forget what your ex wife told you was wrong with you. Forget what your last girlfriends “big reason for leaving you” was. Forget what your best friend claims gets him all the ladies.
Even more, forget what you think might have gotten you the ladies before.