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Download Essentials of NLP: 150 Questions & Answers

Essentials of NLP: 150 Questions & Answers

📚 Essentials of NLP: 150 Questions & Answers
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“This book is simple and user friendly for the lay person who hasn’t the time or money to do NLP certification training. It gives you all of the information that they teach you in those $3,000 one week programs. Lately, in our organization, we have started teaching the practitioner level using this book as a training manual. We also give a copy of the book to every new student. Most of the book is in Q&A format, and that makes complex concepts easier to understand. There are numerous exercises and techniques, explained in direct language and clear instructions. What this book gives, that a lot of other “intro to NLP” books do not, is a chance to really understand the subject. It’s an overview of all the essentials in NLP, and then some.”
–Douglas Walsh, NLP Trainer, Dublin’s Altitude Training Center

This book contains a full NLP For Beginners course, but written in a simple down-to-earth language, so that anyone can understand.

If you’re only beginning to explore NLP, this book will give you a solid foundation of the subject. You will explore all the essentials in 150 short and practical learning modules, such as:

• What is NLP? VAK? Rep system? Anchor? Framing? Re-framing?! Eye Accessing Cues? Modalities? Sub-Modalities? Presuppositions? etc.
• Behavioral & Symbolic mirroring
• How Will I Actually Create Rapport?
• How Do You Chain Anchors? (in order to change a behavior)
• The key elements of modeling, and:
• Once You Have a Model, What Do You Do With It?
• What is Conversational Hypnosis? How to use it?
• … and much more.