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Finally I Began Winning

📚 Finally I Began Winning
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Gambling depends on luck and luck depends on timing. Luck is not nearly so ‘blind’ as commonly imagined. I want to first show you a way of immediately finding out if your luck is going to be good. Believe in it, for it works. Obtain a penny – or the lowest common denomination of your currency – which must be a new one of the current year. You can get one at your bank. If the bank won’t oblige because you don’t have an account, then try other banks until you find one that will. The coin has to be new, you cannot use one from last year. After washing it with soap and water, hold it in your left hand whilst still wet and recite as follows:

It’s one for the money And seven for the show Reveal the answer,
Is it ‘yes’or ‘no’?

Dry the coin and think about the bet you plan to make, or the lottery or raffle ticket you are going to buy, or whatever you want to do. A few moments later, toss the coin seven times, noting how many heads and tails come up. If only one to three heads come up you are definitely out of luck. Four or five heads and your luck is just average, neither good nor bad. You need more than this. Six means your luck is in and seven means: go for it!

As you can imagine, you will not often get six or seven. Incidentally, it is not necessary to wash the coin every time, only the first time. It is your ‘magic penny’, let no one else touch or see it. Getting seven heads means you can bet as much as you are able. More often you will get five or less heads, which, if nothing else, means you will save a lot of money, for without knowing what you know now you would have proceeded and lost.

Toss your coin every day until you get the magic six or seven. You may go weeks without getting the result you need and then suddenly you get it two days in a row, then you must act immediately.

Never bet on five heads or less: you are going to lose.

You may not wish to toss the coin every day.