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Download Helping Yourself with Psycho-Cosmic Power

Helping Yourself with Psycho-Cosmic Power

đź“š Helping Yourself with Psycho-Cosmic Power
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Have you ever experienced déjà vu or had an uncanny dream that turned out to be prophetic? Have you ever made an unusual choice or decision that turned out to be correct and attributed it to a “gut feeling”? These events are actually manifestations of your extrasensory perception, or ESP.

Now you can develop your dormant extrasensory perception and use it to attain personal achievement and lasting fulfillment. For forty years, Dr. Al G. Manning, a noted expert in the field of parapsychology, has been helping even the most skeptical people recognize their ESP, clear away blocks to extrasensory development, and use their psychic abilities to enrich every aspect of their lives.

Dr. Manning’s Helping Yourself with ESP gives you simple exercises and practical, down-to-earth advice that will show you how to:
• Improve your health through spiritual healing
• Set up a spiritual current that draws wealth to you
• Create a dynamic, magnetic personality that attracts people to you
• Sharpen your clairvoyant sight and hearing
• Reach out to helpful “spirit guides” and “personal protectors”
• Attain success and solve problems through concentration and meditation
• Forge the psychic strength to face any crisis with confidence
• Discover your true purpose in life