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Download How to Hypnotize Your Lover To... Awaken A Sleepy Relationship

How to Hypnotize Your Lover To… Awaken A Sleepy Relationship

📚 How to Hypnotize Your Lover To… Awaken A Sleepy Relationship
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Hypnotize your lover and teach your lover to hypnotize you in simple easy steps. Improve your relationships and have fun hypnotizing each other. Watch your relationship grow in the direction you want it to grow with simple exercises performed at bedtime.

How To Hypnotize Your Lover To Awaken A Sleepy Relationship by Wayne F. Perkins, is not just a book. It is a complete system that allows you and your love partner to achieve successful hypnosis encounters. The hypnosis encounters are designed to awaken your mutual love relationship.

The Perkins Method of hypnosis and involves reading text to your lover or having your lover read text to you. Not only will you help your lover or partner but also you will receive all of the benefits of hypnosis yourself in the safety and comfort of your home. You may record your session on tape so that you can refer to them when both of you want to achieve the benefits of hypnosis together. My text and your own creations of inductions and hypnotic prescriptions guarantee your combined goal achievement of securing a fantastic relationship.

In addition to reading and recording the text presented in this portion of the program, you have access to powerful Internet resources. These resources include a self-hypnosis chat service that provides on-line and real-time answers to your personal challenges. Other hypnotherapists and students with similar challenges discuss answers with the reader.

The Hypnosis Forum located my website provides similar help. A major advantage in using this resource is that messages may be read and posted 24 hours a day. This is a great advantage to the many readers from countries that participate.

The best part of this system is that it is fun and easy to use! The book is short, sweet, to the point and very powerful. The information will make sense to you as you read it.