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How to Learn Technical Skills Faster

📚 How to Learn Technical Skills Faster
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The Basic Process The basic idea is pretty simple.

Essentially, you want to first get a good idea of what you are learning and what the scope of it is.

You need to get enough information about your subject to understand the big picture and narrow the subject down to a small enough scope that you can actually tackle it and wrap your head around it in a realistic amount of time.

Then, you need a goal. You need to establish what it is you are trying to learn and why and, most importantly, what metric you will use to know that you’ve learned it.

Far too many people set out to learn something but have no way to measure whether they have succeeded or not.

Equipped with that starting point, you can start to gather some resources for learning.

I recommend not just reading one book cover-to-cover but to instead gather multiple resources, which may include books, blogs, podcasts, magazines, video courses and tutorials, expert opinions, etc.

Then, you are going to use some of those resources to create an actual plan for learning. You are basically going to figure out in what order to learn everything you need to know about

your topic.