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Congratulations. If you’re reading this, you’ve accepted two important ideas, either consciously or subconsciously.

First, you’ve accepted that you still have room to improve upon your skillset for attracting and seducing women. As the intermediate and advanced level players reading this will know, the ego is something that can greatly inhibit your success with women, and prevents most men from even embarking on this journey.

Second, you’ve accepted the idea that there are those who have roadmaps (or recipes) for success, from which you can replicate and eventually modify so that they’re unique to your style. We’re defining success in the context of seducing women as increasing the quantity and quality of one’s romantic options.

I have built my seduction methods around two markets: daytime venues like coffee shops, malls, the streets, college campuses, etc., and the internet. Leveraging the internet to bring forth hot ass is like playing baseball on steroids. It works. About half of the beautiful women I’ve dated have been from internet game.

It started with Myspace, then Plenty of Fish,, Facebook and eventually Tinder. As the old adage goes, timing is everything. While POF and Match once had their place, Tinder became the most effective internet dating platform. Fast forward to today. Tinder is becoming obsolete due to the restrictions of the platform, especially the fact that you’re competing with thousands of other guys for a select percentage of girls that are attractive and that are actually intent on meeting guys, and aren’t just insecure and using Tinder as a way to artificially boost their egos. When one of those select percentage of girls who are actually hot, and who are using the platform for its intended purpose logs in to Tinder, she will be comparing you with a long line of other men, because that is the marketplace you’ve chosen to trade in.