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The Three-Phase Concept

Kenpo techniques are taught with a three phase formula where the student is expected to learn the technique as written [ in stone of course 🙂 ], then go on to play with the possibilities. The Three Phases are, in order, the following:
Ideal Phase

In the Ideal Phase the student learns the technique “by the book”. This means the attack is specified, the defense is applied and the attackers reaction is known.
What-If Phase
In the What-If Phase the student(s) experiment with different possible scenarios for the attack and attackers reactions.

Formulation Phase
With the Formulation Phase the student tears apart the technique, explores its principles and develops alternate, spontaneous, reactions all with the aid the equation formula.

Equation Formula

The Equation Formula for fighting was designed as a formula to allow fighters to build/design logical and practical fighting techniques. It states that for any base move (ie punch/kick) or group of moves (technique – ie Delayed Sword) one may modify their intention by: