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Lift-Run-Bang 365

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If you have floundered around for the last year, or longer, with little to show in the way of progress and are tired of being confused about how to plan out your training so that you can get more jacked and tan than you have been, then the 365 manual could solve your problems.

In it, I lay out 365 days of training with 6 training phases and 2 diets.

A phase to strength peak to increase your baseline strength. A phase to get into awesome conditioning and shed bodyfat, followed up by a maintenance phase to allow your body to “settle in”. Then a short strength peaking phase followed up by a “mass” phase to wrap it all up.

I do not overload with information here. The best way to teach someone nothing, is to try and teach them everything. I give you the plan. It’s up to you to apply it and implement it into your daily life.

If you follow it, I promise at the end of 365 days, you’ll be a leaner, stronger, and more jacked you.