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Little Black Book Of Openers

📚 Little Black Book Of Openers
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Bobby Rio here.

As some of you know… my specialty is helping you get better at making small talk with women… and being able to keep a conversation going.

But before you ever get to that point… you must be able to start a conversation with a woman.

In the pickup and seduction community this is referred to opening a girl or a set. For the rest of the world it is called “breaking the ice” or pickup lines, or just plain old “starting a conversation.”

Whatever you want to call it… there is no denying that the first contact, the first words that come out of your mouth, are the hardest to get out.

Whether it is the crippling approach anxiety that has taken a hold of you, or your mind just can’t come up with a clever way to instigate conversation, most men freeze and never get the opportunity to attempt to attract a particular woman.