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Lucky – Once and For All

πŸ“š Lucky – Once and For All
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We should explain the connection between omens on the one side and charms, talismans and amulets on the other. Let us first define what these things mean for us.


An omen is a thing or an event which, in a supernatural way, gives a warning. This warning can be negative by indicating that something is about to happen which must be avoided at all cost, otherwise there might be dire consequences. It can also be positively indicating that the time for a certain action is right or that the plans you have made are correct.


When an omen occurs and you do nothing, then things will come to pass as indicated by the omen. If, however, you take avoiding action, do what you feel you have to do, then you can avoid what is foretold. This is valid for every form of prediction, including astrology, numerology, tarot, etc. You are in control of your life and every single prediction, by whatever means it is made, can be acted upon in such a way that the event does not come to pass.