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Is there one fantastic Primal Power in the universe whose force can be harnessed and utilized to guide you to ultimate freedom and all the joys of triumphant living?

The answer is an unqualified Yes! And it’s called Macro-Mind Power.

Ancient philosophers always thought of man as a counterpart of the universe and expressed the idea of man’s relationship to the universe by the use of two related words—microcosm and macro­ cosm. The former meant “little universe” and the latter, “large universe.” Upon studying this viewpoint, we can understand the Macrocosm to represent the entire warp and woof of creation. The

Macrocosm is the known and the unknown, the visible and the invisible, stretching eternally and encompassing within its framework the entire schema of universes, galaxies, stars, sun sys­ tems, planets, and monadic worlds. Perhaps even worlds within worlds.

Of course, next comes the realization that creation by definition implies creator, in the same manner as effect implies cause. Earth man calls the Creator by many names—God, Yahweh, Infinite One, Source, the Cosmic Eye, and so on.

Macrocosmic Mind is the Universal Consciousness that went forth as the Word, the Logos, firing within man, the microcosm, the perfect pattern of man’s Divine Identity and establishing the Truth of all the things man can be and do, glorifying the laws of the Universe.