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Meditation Master Words

📚 Meditation Master Words
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Through the experiences of myself and others in the research work for this book it has been proved that with the use of a ‘Master Word’ which is associated with a particular response, we can transform our responses and therefore ourselves.

This book is about you and what you are. You are basically a mind to which is attached a physical body.

The mind and body interact but the mind is what we truly are. Within that mind are responses and reactions which are the results of our conditioning and experiences. Hence our patterns of behaviour, which to a greater degree, are predictable.

Observe the idiosyncrasies of your walk, the way you negotiate stairs, the countless mannerisms that are just you.

Every response and reaction begins in the mind and these can be changed if you wish. ‘Master Words’ can produce a new or changed attitude from which emerges an emotion or feeling that is instrumental in transforming those responses and reactions. This is in effect the transformation of you and your life.

‘Master Words’ will invoke the right attitude and feeling for action towards what you desire.