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Download Meta-Psychometry: Key to Power & Abundance

Meta-Psychometry: Key to Power & Abundance

📚 Meta-Psychometry: Key to Power & Abundance
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Do you sometimes feel that the world is against you? That, given just a little extra luck, you would be as good as anyone else? Do you know successful people, apparently no more intelligent than you are, who take it easy while you work hard?

How many people do you know whose luck changed when they bought a lucky charm?

If you want and need that extra edge on the world, that extra bit of luck, Meta-Psychometry can give it to you, and this book is for you. The gambler and his lucky piece, the child and her rabbit’s foot, and the Christian and his cross, all unknowingly use Meta-Psychometry to help themselves in their lives.

With the aid ofthis book, you can consciously direct and use the same astral forces they do; but because you will know what you are doing, you will be able to be infinitely more effective in your efforts, and you will gain miraculous results that earlier you might have called magical.

Meta-Psychometry is not magic. As this book clearly points out for the first time, Meta-Psychometry is the application of well-known natural laws to daily situations. Follow the simple methods and tech- niques outlined herein and you will gain sure-fire results, amazing results that will literally cost you little money and only a few moments of your time each day. With Meta-Psychometry, anything you want can be brought within your grasp—health, happiness, power, wealth: you name it, and it can be yours.