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I am Alan Roger Currie. I sort of shy away from the title of “seduction guru,” even though I have helped many men improve their ‘game’ in regards to seduction. I’m more into “interpersonal communications improvement” than simply ‘seduction.’

Let me make it clear: The reason why I consider the behavior of “Jack” (John Leslie) in Talk Dirty To Me to be representative of Mode One Behavior is not so much because he’s using profane, X- rated language with women (this is a common misconception of “Mode One”).

It’s more so because his behavior is bold, highly self-assured, upfront, straight-to-the-point … and most importantly …. totally unaffected by the woman’s subjective criticisms and personal insults.

You cannot be ‘Mode One’ with women if you are afraid of being criticized, or easily affected by criticisms.


For me, exhibiting Mode One Behavior (a form of being direct) is all about being who you truly are with women, without any regard or concern for whether or not they ‘like’ your behavior or ‘dislike’ your behavior.