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Psychic Dominance

đź“š Psychic Dominance
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This course Is intended for worthy purposes only. It teaches you how to rule others in order to im­ prove their lots in whatever way you can; how to

advance yourself in a noble and meritorious manner; and how to protect yourself in different situa­ tions against those who oppose you.

To facilitate your mastering this course, let’s first explain the mechanism through which you are going to apply it.

The Mechanism of Domination

Tomake anotherpersonobedientwithoutfrighten­ ing him (except during physical combat) you have to bring his whole nervous system under your con- trol. The nervous system consists of the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves that leave both of these and ramify into all other parts of the body. When you influence another you don’t influence just his temporary thoughts but his whole body, from head to foot. That is why so much good can be done by ruling another with your thoughts. You can improve his appetite, his frame of mind, his out­ look on life, his feelings about you; you can calm his fears, and fill him with confidence. He will crave your helpful influence as a result, and come

to like you — or even to need you.