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one of the things I enjoy most about book tours is that it’s a chance to meet many of you. And I’ve notice lately that a big difference between stylelife students and other attraction students is that you guys are, by and large, a cool bunch.

there are certain guys I’ve met in the community who I’d never be able to take to dinner with my regular friends or family, because there’s some- thing about them that just makes people uncom- fortable.

For a long time, I could never figure out what the difference was. I thought those guys were just not cool or too cheesy or not interested in any- thing in life but pick up.

But then I realized the difference, and I want to share it with you all in this newsletter because it’s an important trap to avoid.

Most of us got into the game because we want more success with women. And the reason for many of our failures, besides approach anxiety, was that we were too needy and desperate around women, and didn’t understand how at- traction worked and how to generate and em- body attraction.

But a strange thing happens to a certain subset of

guys after studying attraction. they begin to un- derstand how things work, and change the way they dress, act, and behave around women. they do things that they have learned cause attraction in women: push-pull, demonstrating value, cocky funny teasing, role-playing, disqualifying, and the line.

Yet even though they’re learning so much, going out so much, and changing so much – especially compared to before the game, when they rarely even approached women – they’re not improv- ing at the pace they should. especially considering all the work they’re putting in.

Here’s why:
What’s one of the biggest turn-offs to women?

I mean, besides a massive buildup of ear wax and nose hair.

right – it’s neediness.