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Starting a wordpress blog

📚 Starting a wordpress blog
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I am quite sure that most of you have gone through that phase in your career when you feel that after many years of practice you have accomplished to rise above the basic level of writing short programs and manage to consistently develop unique software.

You suddenly know that you can become known as the subject matter expert to a particular set of problems, but at the same time you do not seem to find a way to convince people about your proficiency and get them to have your work noticed. In other words you’ve reached an important milestone in your career where you should build your personal brand, but you cannot figure out how.

Well you know what; blogging is the missing link that will give your business the required. Blogging opens up a wide range of opportunities for developers and it is a great tool through which you can share what you know, market your expertise and sell your products.

You will be thrilled by the magical effect blogging will bring into your career. Some of the things that a blog will do for you are:

  • Help your clients or future employers to know you better. Though for some people your LinkedIn profile may be enough, it cannot provide your prospect employers with the proper insight to the quality of your work and the level of your commitment.
  • Drive a lot of publicity towards your side. Writing consistent and relevant content can really generate a lot of traffic without necessarily require from you to master SEO strategies.
  • Change the way you see things. After a few months of blogging you will find yourself developing a mindset much better- rounded. One of the greatest differences between blogging and traditional publishing is the opportunity for readers to offer feedback. As the blog’s writer, you introduce a topic that you feel is significant and meaningful. You take time to lay out a subject in the minds of your readers and offer your thoughts on the topic. Then, the readers get to respond. And often at times, their responses in the comment section challenge you to take a new, fresh look at the very topic you thought was so important at first.