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Download Stronger workout phase 2

Stronger workout phase 2

📚 Stronger workout phase 2
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A Strong(er) Athlete is an exceptional athlete, yet, of a different kind than the typical competitive sports participant. Unlike the person that trains rigorously to excel in one or two events, the goals of Strong(er) Athletes are to achieve overall strength and health to the best of their ability.

Achieving these goals requires an entirely different training regimen, not a powerlifting or bodybuilding program, but one that enhances to- tal strength and health through specific exercise and diet.

Training for competitive sports is a point in which training for health and fitness no longer is the prime objective. A complete, well-round- ed program, for example, covers all areas—from cardiovascular and strength development to flexibility, mobility, nutrition and beyond. By contrast, a competitive sport such as powerlifting requires the develop- ment of maximum strength above all other areas in order to become a champion. Sport-specific training can significantly neglect other areas of training to achieve its desired outcome.

The question then becomes, what happens when overall strength and health becomes the main purpose and goal? In other words, what does one do when they no longer have the need to excel 100 percent at one specific attribute, but rather, develop all areas at the highest level pos- sible?

This is where the Strong(er) workout comes into play. The Strong(er) Athlete will sacrifice a studied depth in training to achieve an optimum and well-rounded breadth.