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Teach Yourself: General Reference

πŸ“š Teach Yourself: General Reference
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It’s strange to think that there was a time when only the privileged few could read or write. The rest of us relied on the spoken word. Storytelling was used to pass knowledge on from one generation to the next.
Now, most of us are literate and use the written word to gather information and inform decision making. Unlike speech, writing communicates your message to people you cannot see and may never meet. It means you can influence more widely; it also means you must take care not to make assumptions about your reader.
Successful copywriting is constructed from carefully selected words, each with a clear purpose. It is written to prompt feelings, thoughts or actions. It is clear, concise and at times comforting. It is also comprehensible, even to those not yet confident users of your language.
Reading this book, and following the techniques it introduces, will make you a more effective writer. Expertise in grammar is not needed as all the necessary jargon is simply defined and,
anyway, some forms of business writing deliberately ignore rules. This book is for people who want to write for results. Successful business writing makes you:
Better understood
More influential
Easier to understand
Able to lead others
More likely to achieve your goals