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The Blueprint Decoded NOTES

📚 The Blueprint Decoded NOTES
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Goals evolve. Once you reach one goal, the natural tendency is to always want more.
At first, most guys just want to get one girl and get out, then they want to get the skill. They get good, but it’s not consistent.

► The blueprint is about becoming consistent. Having that click where you don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s not something you’re doing, but something you are. (Being, not doing.)

The Secret Code

You’re not meant to understand more than what will take you to the next level.
► Every time you watch it different things will pop out. You’ll understand more.

The same info will mean different things depending on where you’re at. If you watch it again in a year it’s gonna hit you at a different level. From surface to deeper levels.

► (de2e: Like when you’re underlining important stuff in a book. If you read it again in a year, the stuff you had underlined will now seem obvious, it’ll feel like you were missing the point.)