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The Conquest of Time – Now You May Dream True

📚 The Conquest of Time – Now You May Dream True
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Just after the book was written the ‘Sunday Pictorial’ of London featured my story on its front and back pages (11th January, 1959, issue).

Naturally before doing so they carefully examined my creden­ tials and the documentary evidence which I had in support of my claims. These they photographed and are presumably keeping copies for record purposes.

Originally it was my intention to include facsimile illustrations of the evidential documents in this book, but in view of the ‘Sunday Pictorial’ coverage it does not seem to be necessary. The documents in question have been shown to the reputable printers of this book, W. J. Fowler & Son, Ltd., who thereby confirm that the papers do in fact exist. They consist of book­ makers’ statements showing the following bets:
SAYANI, 40/L 7th October, 1946. CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Ante-Post to win £200. .
LAS VEGAS, 20/1. 16th November, 1946. MANCHESTER

Lloyd’s Bank pay-in slips, dated November, 1946. Total £975. Bookmaker’s statement dated 3rd May, 1958, showing winnings

of £230 on 30th April 1958. This refers to PALL MALL the 20/1 winner of the TWO THOUSAND GUINEAS. The paper also photographed the anonymous letter published

in the ‘Electrical Review’ dated 13th December, 1946, entitled “Miracles do Happen” and signed “Pennies from Heaven” (A.M.I.E.E.).