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“Feminism” started in the 1800’s among a few mentally ill women (and men) who wished to tear down order.

The doctrines of feminism are inherently unnatural. Men and women are not just different physically but mentally as well. Treating them “the same” only results in strife and chaos. Unfortunately it is easy to inflame the passions of some women

while agitating them, telling them that men are somehow “holding them down” when in reality they are merely performing what nature intended. Corrupted by easy living, most weren’t prepared for the onslaught of feminist propaganda – but they certainly felt its effects.

The Planners recognized feminism as one of the most destructive tools in their arsenal to destroy the “old order” and the traditional family unit, but the effort to promote this sickness didn’t get very far until the 1960’s. Feminists joined the other “phony rebellions” going on at the time.

With television, their number one tool, The Planners went to work with gusto. Feminists were portrayed in a positive light exclusively, while those who favored more traditional (and more workable) relations between the sexes were mocked and ridiculed.