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Download The Irresistible Power of Inner Mind

The Irresistible Power of Inner Mind

📚 The Irresistible Power of Inner Mind
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Within you is a great power – described by one writer as the ‘greatest power in the universe’ – a force of which most are woefully ignorant. Because people are ignorant of it they lead undistinguished and uneventful lives, lives usually characterized by dissatisfaction and a sense of lost opportunity. If you can relate to this, that may all be about to change. For you can never be the same again once you are aware of, and in harmony with, your Inner Mind. Being in harmony with this power changes everything. Your life will take a different direction as you feel a Higher Power guiding you every step of the way.

I know people who are in harmony with this Higher Power and they lack for nothing, either spiritually or materially. They are radiantly happy and healthy and invariably possess an overflowing bank balance. They have a zest for life which most folk lack; they are forward looking and see all problems as opportunities in disguise rather than burdens to be avoided. They possess perfect health, for it is not possible for the mind to be in harmony with this Higher Power without the body being also. The Inner Mind controls everything: it governs the vital organs, transmuting food eaten into tissue, blood, muscle and bone; it controlling and directing every physical function. We of ourselves cannot do this – ‘Without the Father I can do nothing’ it says in the scriptures – it all being done for us.

Trying to describe the Inner Mind is not easy: science knows of it yet cannot explain it. The religiously minded call it ‘God’, whilst yet others speak of an ‘Infinite Mind’ or ‘Super Mind’. There are still other terms for it. Psychologists refer to the ‘subconscious mind’, meaning an intelligence just beneath the surface of the conscious mind, but also a super- conscious or ‘higher’ mind. Atheists, of course, will have none of this – but at the same time they cannot explain how and why the mind and body works.

It is also true that those who believe cannot explain how it works, but this does not bother them. What separates the believer from the nonbeliever is simply that: belief.

Belief is the magic key that opens the door to the Inner Mind.