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Download The Power of Miracle Metaphysics

The Power of Miracle Metaphysics

📚 The Power of Miracle Metaphysics
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This book introduces you to the miraculous metaphysical powers within you right now, by giving you the methods you need to put them into positive action.

In a few days you can be demonstrating these powers in many ways. If I tell you in what ways now it will astound you. But these incredible happenings will become commonplace for you by the time you finish this book.

You will find that you can:

  • Get as much money as you want.
  • Read other people’s thoughts,
  • See through walls even miles away.
  • Influence people to do your bidding.
  • Reap a crop of good luck every day.
  • Revitalize your health and postpone aging.
  • Protect yourself from those who are “ out to get you.”
  • Climb the social, political, or business ladder to undreamed


  • Affect world events.
  • Buy or sell the right stocks at the right time.

    Some have been able to use these techniques to transcend scien­ tific law, as we understand science today, to change the weather, transport objects instantly over vast distances, convert cheap metal to precious metal, and be in two places at once, among other miraculous events.

    You may not want to go that far. But the methods.