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The Power of Super Thinking

📚 The Power of Super Thinking
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We all know what thinking is: it is what we do with our mind. Unfortunately what we call thinking islikethebabblingofanidiotcomparedwiththespeechofagenius. Wecannotpossibfyimagine how a genius thinks. We can only assume that a genius has something special, something we have not. This is not the case, as you will discover in this book. You will discover why this is so, you will also discover how to think like a genius. Any inadequacies you may feel towards a genius will soon disappear.

You already have all the ‘equipment’you need. This consists of your mind, your nervous system and your body. The body is the least important of all and it does not matter if this is not up to scratch. The mind is on a higher frequency than the body and it will soon deal with any problems there might be. The best tool you have is your subconscious mind. Veiy few have ever heard about this. They may not know what it is, how it works and how it canhe used to advantage, but knowing that it exists gives you a head start.

This book is not sold in a shop. Behind our method of selling is a very profound idea. Anybody can pick up a book in a bookshop and read it out of curiosity. This book was not written for such people. It was written for those like you who have made an effort to find such a book. It is aimed at that type of person, a person like you. It is also, and perhaps even more so, aimed at the person with that type of mind, the seeker, who will reap the greatest benefits from it.

Who do you know who would order a book like this without having seen it? Who do you know who is looking for forms of self-improvement like you have done? Books like this are not written for the man in the street. It is written for those who are dissatisfied with themselves, those who will make the effort to read this kind of book. There is a very old law of the mind which states that only those who seek improvement will find it. This is nothing more than common sense. When you have read this book and when you have performed the simple mind exercises in it then you will find that you have developed what I will call un-common sense.

What is common is available to all, regardless of their mentality. What is rare and uncommon is only available to those who are prepared to pay the price for it, sometimes a high price. This pricehasnothingtodowithmoney. Ifyouare.notpreparedtopaythatpricethenyouarekeeping yourselffrombeinggreaterthanyouarenow. Youwillkeeplackofconfidence,poormemory, bad habits, poverty, ill health, stifled personality, lack of direction and other attributes of a similar nature.