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The Power To Get What You Want

πŸ“š The Power To Get What You Want
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The purpose of this work is to take the reader upward; upward and forward. Instead of simply functioning day to day at the mercy of circumstances to feel calm, controlled and purposeful. This work will show the reader how his or her spirit can soar, no matter how debilitating the circumstances.

This is not a flight of fancy, nor escape from grim reality. On the contrary, it is to face reality and soar in spite ofit.

The purpose of this work is to unshackle the reader from the bonds of limited thought and negativity.

I repeat: this is not escapism. The reader may have many real problems, problems that are threatening. This work is written to stop such threats. Reading this will obviously not make one’s problems go away, but it will certainly limit their power to intimidate, and this is the first step to solving them.

You can solve your problems one by one, step by step. It will also seem as if your problems are being solvedforyou.

For this work is about your unseen partner, a constant guardian and friend. This work is about unknown power, an unknown presence. I am here to show you how to let thispower take over. And when it takes over you arefree, your spirit will be uplifted, your soul unbounded. You are going to go forward – and keep goingforward.