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The Secret of Genius

📚 The Secret of Genius
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Announcing “Your SUPERconscious Power”, by Donald Peake, one of the most significant new books of the decade.

If people everywhere were to use the exciting secret given in “Your SUPERconscious Power” the beneficial changes in society would be literally STUPENDOUS!
We have the privilege of publishing many exciting books on various aspects of mental potential, but “Your SUPERconscious Power” has to be one of the most extraordinary books of recent years. What it has to offer is nothing less than THE SECRET OF GENIUS… AND HOW THE SECRET CAN BE UTILISED BY THE ORDINARY LAY PERSON! VASTLY INCREASED MENTAL POWERS CAN NOW BE YOURS, regardless of your I.Q. rating or the quality of your education. AND THIS SUPERIOR MENTAL ABILITY CAN BE YOURS WITHOUT SPECIAL “CONCENTRATION” MEMORY TRAINING, OR OCCULT RITUALISM.
In fact this book goes beyod all other, and in spite of the scope of its revelations is, almost paradoxically, MORE SIMPLE THAN OTHER BOOKS! Would you believe that instead of it being harder to increase mental powers that it is actually MUCH EASIER THAN EVEN YOUR PRESENT LEVEL OF MENTAL ABILITY? Yes, for less effort you can achieve much more! You can, with this book’s secret: