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📚 The Shit Test Encyclopedia
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If you’ve ever had an interaction with a woman, you have most likely been “shit tested.”

A shit test is a test that a woman gives to you, so that she can figure out if you have what it takes to be with her. She wants to know right when she meets you, whether you’re going to be up to the challenge or whether you’re going to put your tail between your legs and sulk off into some dark corner somewhere.

What women want is a man who can rise to the challenge.

She wants a man who’s quick and witty, who’s stern with her sometimes, and a man who’s very confident and understands what the test actually is.

And what the test actually is, is a minor speed bump for you on the way to a world full of options when it comes to women and sex.

The way that women administer these tests is usually in the form of questions, statements, favors, and bad behavior. When it comes to questions, women will do it a few different ways.

The questions can be in the form of a smartass question, like you approach her and you say something, and she says,

“Does that line usually work for you?”