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Download The Ultimate Guide To Text and Phone Game

The Ultimate Guide To Text and Phone Game

馃摎 The Ultimate Guide To Text and Phone Game
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How many times has this happened to you: meet a beautiful girl at a bar or club, have a great conversation with her where everything went well, you get her number, you go home happy and elated at yourself, you text or call her the next day or a few days later… and you get no response. What? You text or call her again and still nothing. You try one last time and nothing again – no returned voicemail, no returned call, no returned text message or anything.

Two of Love Systems’ most senior and “master” instructors, Braddock and Mr. M, have taken their years of experience texting and calling literally hundreds of girls and broken it down into what worked, what didn’t work, what continues to work, and why. While you may be able to go up and chat with that cute girl and get her number, getting her to continue talking to you and then meeting up with you again without flaking is a completely different animal and many guys struggle with this.

Some of the topics inside include, but are not limited to:
路 Several lengthy examples of real text message chains
路 The one fatal error that 60% of guys make after getting her phone number that will kill your chances right off the bat
路 Should I call or text her first?
路 If I text her first, what kind of message should I send?
路 How long should I wait before I get in touch for every type of situation?
路 Braddock’s Dynamite Theory – a different strategy exists for texting/calling a girl based on what kind of dynamite fuse length she is
路 What happens if she doesn’t respond?
路 How to get her to meet up with you in person again