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Download Thinking into Results program for leaders

Thinking into Results program for leaders

📚 Thinking into Results program for leaders
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Encourage you to read every word of this introduction; permitting yourself to become intellectually and emotionally involved with the ideas contained in this introduction could contribute to

a quantum leap in your results immediately.”

I would like you to join me while I take you on a journey, mentally we will travel back through time . and space to October 21, 1961. That was the day that a very troubled life came to an abrupt halt and a magnificent journey into meaning began.

If you can imagine- a person 26years of age,unhappy,earning $4,000 a year andowing $6,000. The idea of wealth, health and happiness never entered my mind. I was forever rushing, trying to pay two or three bills at the same time that were all past due. It had pretty well always been like that since I left school at 16 years ofage. Then one day, a man placed Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich in my hands and to make a long story short, everything began to change. The man suggested that I not merely read the book but that I seriously study it and understand it and then live it. One year later, without any formal education or business experience, my income sky rocketed to $175,000 per year and then went to over $1.0 million. I started out with a used floor machine, a couple of buckets and mops and in less than 5 years had a building maintenance business that operated in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and London, England. Life definitely changed. Now the only challenge facing me was a question that kept plaguing my mind – what happened, why was there suddenly such an enormous change in my world.