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Warrior Of The Light Volume 2

📚 Warrior Of The Light Volume 2
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Conversation with the Master 1. The journey

During the recent move to my new apartment, I found a series of notes of my conversations with J., who belongs to the R.A.M. order, a small brotherhood devoted to the study of oral traditions and the world’s sym- bolic language. These notes cover our meetings from February 1982 through to 1990.

I recently asked him whether I might share parts of these texts; he agreed, I have transformed the texts into dialogue for better reading, and the words are not exactly those used by J., although the content is abso- lutely faithful to that which I heard.

These texts are not in exact chronological order. I decided to begin with some of our conversations from 1986, which was when he insisted I go on the Road to Santiago.

– You said that going on the Road to Santiago is important. For it, one must give up everything for some time: family, work, projects. And I don’t know whether I’ll find everything the same when I return.

– Indeed I hope you won’t.

– So should I take the risk of losing everything I have conquered up to now?